Earlier in August, White Sands were honoured to be a part of the 2018 Perth Hair & Makeup Artist Awards as a major sponsor. Taking place at Ascot Racecourse in Perth, the awards now in its third year, celebrates the creatives of Perth including hairstylists, makeup artists and body painters. 

White Sands presented an on-stage hair styling demonstration, showcasing how the brand can be used for the Everyday, Creative & Special Occasion.  We were also collaborators for the Glamour Bridal Hair & Makeup Runway, showcasing distinctly consumer-friendly, glamorous hair for the event. 



Colours of Australia - Uluru

We are so excited to show you image from the ‘Colours of Australia’ Collection shot at Uluru by the incredibly talented @angelrileyphotography

This shoot was inspired by the Aboriginal traditional landowners of Uluru & Kata Tjutu, Yankunytjatjara & Pitjantjatjara people. 

A huge shout out to the amazing team, we are so proud to be apart of this collaboration
Model @kashakash34 
Hair Marie Nieuwouldt @bmesalonacademy
Makeup/styling @angelrileymakeup
Hair styled with #whitesandsproducts 
#uluru #katajuta #coloursofaustralia


Q & A with Lidiya Kaplun, White Sands Ambassador

Lidiya Kaplun loves what she does for a living and loves White Sands. We recently hung out with Lidiya behind the scenes and had a chat about all things hair!

Tell us about yourself and the work you do?

I’m a freelance hair and makeup artist in Melbourne, working in fashion, editorial, portraiture and TV

Tell us why you love White Sands?

On set, it’s a game of millimetres - the difference between a good image and a great image is perfecting the little things and hair is one of them. White Sands does that. A small amount of product goes such a long way.

We hung out with you behind the scenes on your latest shoot. The model's hair looked amazing, can you give us a run down on what White Sands products you use and why?

I sprayed Liquid Texture Medium Hold Spray into the hair, blow waved it in, directing all backwards at the crown and hair line. I straightened the hair smooth using Mega Hold Styling Spray in sections to make it sleek. I finished it off with Smudge to really tame down the fine hair with a final spray of Infinity Finishing Spray. Through out the shoot I used Infinity Finishing Spray and Smudge in between changes to maintain the clean sleek finish.

White Sands is the hairdressers little secret, it’s widely used by hair professionals in editorial and back stage environments, if you had one word to describe White Sands and why it is so integral to the professional what would it be?

1%- er


The Team

Lidiya Kaplun @lidiyakaplunmakeuphair

Model - @friedenrike

Brand - @jiggerjaggerclothing

Photographer - @paco_li

Studio - @tamale_studios


Q & A with Casey-Lee, model and the face of White Sands 'Everyday' Campaign

Campaign 3-8480.jpg

Casey-Lee is the face of our 'Everyday' campaign for White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray tutorials featured at WSA.HOW. In our Infinity Finishing Spray tutorial for the consumer, Casey-Lee shows our viewers just how easy it is to use White Sands Infinity Spray in your 'Everyday' routine. We sat down with Casey-Lee to chat about modelling and how her daily routine has changed since learning how to use White Sands Infinity Spray. 

Casey, tell us a little bit about yourself and the modelling you do?

Hey guys! My name is Casey-lee, I am 24 years old and have been modelling for five years now. I have various clients from fashion to beauty and of course hair with one of my favourite clients of all time... White Sands Australia. 

As a model, your hair and makeup would be done by others a lot, how different was this campaign experience when you got to learn on the job?

Usually you rock up at a shoot and everything gets done for you, but with this campaign I had to actually do the steps to myself and on camera, no pressure! I am no hair stylist so knowing I had to style my hair on my own was a little nerve racking, but I honestly found the viewers tips so helpful and easy to adopt instantly at the shoot. It was pretty exciting!

How has being the star of our campaign changed your daily hair routine?

I am super excited to be the face of this campaign! I can really relate to the 'everyday' hairstyle and the techniques I learnt from the tutorial paired with the incredible White Sands products have not only made my daily routine easier but my hair is much healthier for it. I am forever grateful!

You were the model in our tutorial video for the professional, with Elesha Rae as the professional stylist. There are a few more steps in this video, what did you learn from being a part of this process?

Before this shoot I had no idea how important shampooing was in this process! It's the first step and a vital step to achieving the perfect style. It is kind of like the primer in makeup, it prepares your hair for achieving the best results possible.

Anything else you would like to share with our consumers?

I could not recommend the Infinity Spray more! It is the most light weight, firm hold and delicious smelling hairspray you will ever come across. I always take it with me to shoots and encourage the hair and makeup team to use it, if they don't already. I am so genuinely impressed and in love with this product!


Q & A with Elesha Rae

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 6.24.42 am.png


Elesha Rae is an Award winning hair stylist, recently securing the runner up POSITION for victoria's best bridal hair stylist in the ABIA AWARDS.

ELESHA SpecialisES in freelance Wedding, event and editorial as well as an industry educator and the talent in our HOW TO video for Infinity Finishing Spray. We sat down with Elesha and had a chat about all things hair and why she loves White Sands products as much as we do!

White Sands - What drew you to the hair and beauty industry?

Elesha Rae - I am so fortunate to have grown up in the hairdressing industry. My father is an amazing hairdresser and owned several salons in the UK so I grew up watching him and his staff
completely changes people’s looks and in turn their confidence. It fascinated me it was
something I just had to be a part of.

What is your specialty in the industry? Editorial, bridal etc?

I have been hairdressing nearly 20 years now enjoying all aspects of the job. However bridal
styling, editorial and avant-garde is a passion of mine, it brings out my artistic side which I

Your a trainer at Tamaura Hair Academy, what’s the best part of teaching people your trade?

I love to teach, there is something about passing on techniques and helping build students
confidence and skills and in turn watching them succeed that is very rewarding.

What sets White Sands products apart from others?

White Sands for me is a game changer when it comes to styling. The hold, shine and heat
protection aspect is everything a hairdresser needs to confidently style any hair type. There
is no residue or tackiness left in the hair so if a client decides to change her style midway
through its no problem and easy as it brushes out with ease.

What are the benefits of using White Sands Infinity Spray?

White Sands Infinity Spray is many products in one can for me. It’s a heat protector and gives
the most amazing shine after hot tools. It’s a styling spray giving longer lasting curl memory
and hold even on fine limp hair. It’s also humidity resistant which is important for me
especially when it comes to summer brides.

In our professional tutorial, you show our viewers how to shampoo and condition the hair, why is this step so important?

Prepping the hair is so important and starts with a good shampoo and conditioner.
Removing all dirt and oil from the scalp allows the stylist to give the best results as it’s a
clean canvas to work on.

You use Undercover Spray in the tutorial, what is the benefit of this product?

Undercover Spray is an amazing pre blow wave spray. It protects from heat and helps mould
the hair when body blow waving. I also use it as a setting spray when using hot rollers.

Does it matter what type of iron is used? (curling or straightening)

There are so many hot tools on the market at the moment it can be hard to know which
ones to choose. For me having different temperature settings is really important. Not all hair
needs to be curled or straightened at 230+ degrees. I like to lower the temperature
depending on the hair type and porosity. You wouldn’t iron a silk shirt on the highest temp
and it’s the same principle with my client’s hair. Healthy hair is shiny hair and I love the EVY
heat tools.

Do you have a favourite style you like to create?

I don’t have a favourite style at the moment. I’m finding that my brides are so diverse and
individual nearly every style is different which is great. I am a sucker for big hair though.

Does White Sands work on all hair types?

The beauty of white sands is that it can be used on every hair type which is why I love it.
All the products complement each other and can be used together without making the hair
heavy. For fine hair I like to pair the curl up mousse with infinity for curls that last for days.
For more structured sleek up styles the firm liquid texture and smudge are my go to.

Just how easy is it for the consumer to follow our model Casey’s directions and create beautiful hair everyday?

Casey did an awesome job with the consumer video. She has no prior knowledge of
hairstyling other than what she does herself at home so her tips and tricks she shows are
honest and easy to understand even for someone that has never curled their hair before.

Ok, so I have just woken up late for work, I shampooed/conditioned and created waves yesterday, how quickly and or easily can I recreate this look today?

With Infinity re-styling, even the next day is so easy and stress free. Simply brush out the
curls if needed, re-apply a small amount of Infinity and re-curl. I actually did this myself this
morning at 5am before a wedding party, 5 minutes and out the door looking like you have
seen your stylist.

What is something our curious followers can do to take care of their hair better?

Healthy hair is shiny hair. Always protect hair from heat every time, as heat damage cannot
be reversed. Your hair is your best accessory so look after it by using good quality products
and turn down the heat on heat tools. There is nothing better than loving how your hair
looks and by using White Sands it’s so much easier to achieve salon results at home.

Check out WSA.HOW for all Elesha's tips and tricks for curls and waves using White Sands Infinity Spray 




WSA.HOW - Where to find all our product tips and tutorials.

The beauty of the White Sands range is they are beneficial for both the consumer and the professional hairstylist. We are committed to making sure everyone gets the most from our products, so we have created WSA.HOW, the White Sands Australia education page.

Type wsa.how into your browser on your phone or other device and you will be taken directly to our Education page.  Here you will find the consumer and professional videos from our current hero product, Infinity Finishing Spray. Each time we release a new product video we will upload it to WSA.HOW and spread the word to you via our social media channels.


Create beautiful curls & waves everyday with Infinity Finishing Spray

Tired of spending hours in the morning doing your hair for work? At White Sands we believes in our products so much that we are creating easy to follow tutorials to demonstrate how to get the most from our products in your everyday life.

First off - Infinity Finishing Spray. We have created a quick video, with captions (so you can watch it when you're meant to be working) showing in easy to follow steps how to create amazing curls & wavws everyday.

Check out our clip at WSA.HOW and never run late for work again.

If you're interested in learning more about our shampoo and conditioner and the Undercover Styling Spray, check out the professional video also at wsa.how

White Sands Australia on Video

The behind the scenes activity that goes into creating that look is the back bone of creativity. We at White Sands Australia love to share this beauty with our lovely supporters to paint the whole picture and share all the fun. 

Over the past 12 months we have been working, working, working on exciting campaigns on-location and in-studio. We love releasing the final shots of our amazing models, but we also love to show you how we got to the final product. We're adding the 3D element, showing all sides of our Everyday, Creative & Special Occasion Looks

Check out our Youtube Channel for the latest Behind The Scenes videos and subscribe to stay up-to-date with our creative projects. Next to be released is #WSAHOW. Until then, follow our updates on #WSAHOW on our social channels. 

White Sands Australia Youtube Channel 


White Sands products create amazing styles for all occasions and all weather. We took our models on a little roof top adventure to shoot them in the wind and add the urban feel to the special occasion looks. Here is some behind the scenes footage
Beautiful hair is our passion. Come behind the scenes with White Sands Australia as we shoot our amazing models and their hairstyles created with White Sands Products. We love having fun as much as we love our products, so enjoy this behind the scenes clip from our spring campaign