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WSA.HOW - Where to find all our product tips and tutorials.

The beauty of the White Sands range is they are beneficial for both the consumer and the professional hairstylist. We are committed to making sure everyone gets the most from our products, so we have created WSA.HOW, the White Sands Australia education page.

Type into your browser on your phone or other device and you will be taken directly to our Education page.  Here you will find the consumer and professional videos from our current hero product, Infinity Finishing Spray. Each time we release a new product video we will upload it to WSA.HOW and spread the word to you via our social media channels.

Create beautiful curls & waves everyday with Infinity Finishing Spray

Tired of spending hours in the morning doing your hair for work? At White Sands we believes in our products so much that we are creating easy to follow tutorials to demonstrate how to get the most from our products in your everyday life.

First off - Infinity Finishing Spray. We have created a quick video, with captions (so you can watch it when you're meant to be working) showing in easy to follow steps how to create amazing curls & wavws everyday.

Check out our clip at WSA.HOW and never run late for work again.

If you're interested in learning more about our shampoo and conditioner and the Undercover Styling Spray, check out the professional video also at