Style your hair for any occasion with White Sands Curl Up In Silk, Gel-Us, Infinity Finishing Spray, Smudge Texture Creme & Undercover Styling Spray


Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse

Curls are back! White Sands Curl Up in Silk Firm Hold Mousse provides a different type of curl pattern. The chemical molecular structure of the ingredients causes the hairs to group together and rope over each other. It also can be used for round-brush styling for volume, and it resists moisture for long-lasting styles. Curl Up in Silk has redefined curls and mousses with its ability to change the curl pattern, provide high shine with no flaking, and leave hair silky and soft.

255ml and 1lt Salon size



Gel-Us allows 100% of the entire product to work synergistically in styling and conditioning to provide hydration and shine unlike any gel out there. With hair now in a perfect moisture balance after using Gel-Us, each cuticle layer is closed to eliminate frizz, improve texture, repel moisture and provide volume.


Infinity Finishing Spray


Infinity Finishing Spray instantly transforms into the hairspray of choice for the stylist and the styled. Due to the product’s versatility and infinite styling options, Infinity is a flexible finish spray, providing incredible hold, control, and volume. It can be easily combed through for any style change, provides UV protection, and repels moisture, even in the harshest weather conditions. Infinity Finishing Spray is also ideal with any hot tool, allowing you to create and recreate with ease.

43g and 284g

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Smudge Texture Creme

Smudge is a water-based, weightless styling and finishing product perfect on wet or dry hair. It always leaves hair soft, silky, and touchable. Smudge can be used for piecing, straightening, texturizing, anti-frizz, and flat ironing. When Smudge dries, it is weightless and infuses silkiness.


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Undercover Styling Spray


Turn to an action packed formula as wheat proteins are ingeniously replaced by silk proteins. The addition of silk automatically skyrockets the shine and moisture factors, turning this into the ultimate styling spray. A first of its kind for White Sands, and a first of its kind spray for going UnderCover with any hairstyle imaginable! Blowouts, curls, sleek & straight, scrunching, braids, flips and waves; Undercover does it all with high power shine and hydration!

255ml and 1lt Salon size